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901 North J Street Tacoma

909 North J Street (office)


How to Describe Immanuel?

Inclusive. Thoughtful. Creative. Involved.



All are welcome at Immanuel:

  • young and old
  • single, married, coupled
  • for people of faith and uncertain faith

We affirm the gift of diversity and the image of God in all people.


IPC is a place that blends spirituality with thoughtful reflection on what tradition and experience mean and how to live a life full of God in today's world. Asking the questions and searching for the answers is valued at Immanuel.


Marimbas, poetry, world music, traditional hymns, the visual arts and film are some of the creative expressions that are aspects of our worship, fellowship, and educational programs with children and adults.


IPC is involved in the community and the world. We share our space with many community groups. As a congregation, we encourage the involvement and participation of members and friends in the life of the church, the community and the world. Our members are involved in programs to fight hunger, work for justice and improve the environment.