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What is Blues Vespers?

Vespers is the traditional word for evening worship marked by music and prayer. Blues Vespers is a way of combining a time for reflection and prayer with blues music.

Blues music and its cousin, gospel music, often expresses in its words and music human joy, longing, passion and pain. An evening’s music reminds us that God is there for us in all of life, often in the places where we are most human.

Blues, like many other forms of music, can help express what we experience in life. At times music can be prayer. At other times God speaks to us as we listen and are entertained by the music. Musicians often find music a form of spiritual expression.

With all that said, there are times we simply enjoy listening to good music – which in itself is pretty nice and can nourish our souls.

Vespers Format: usually every third Sunday at 5 p.m. but can really be anytime or multiples so please check the calendar.

Blues Vespers is music, poetry and a brief reflection. All are welcome.

The event is always free. An offering is taken for the musicians or if it is a fundraiser we will take an offering for that cause.

·     Welcome, announcements

·     Band introduction

·     Poem(s), introduce month's theme

·     2-3 songs from the band

·     Poem(s), reflection 

·     2-3 more songs

·     Silent prayer, offering

·     1-2 more songs

·     Blessing

·     Encore

Past Blues Reflection

Excerpts from Pastor Dave's reflection for the July 22, second to the last local Blues Vespers. (poems are on another page)

first...read The Rabbi's Gift

We live in difficult times. Maybe not everyone agrees.

I find myself thinking about what Germany was like in 1934 and what South Africa was like before the end of apartheid. Again speaking for myself, these times demand that people of goodwill, especially those who follow Jesus, work for change and stand up and say NO to the things that hurt and dehumanize the children of God.

The challenge is to do so in a way that clearly confronts what is evil without denying the image of God in those we disagree with. The rabbi encouraged the monks to see the Messiah as one of them. The challenge is to see ALL people as made in the image of God, even people who are doing horrible things. It is not easy. But, I think it is right. Just because it is difficult it doesn't mean we shouldn't do it.

Part of transformation from a Christian perspective is seeing the image of God in all people, yes ALL people - yes even______________(you fill in the blank)

I see the image of God in each one of you and honor it.