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What is Blues Vespers?

Vespers is the traditional word for evening worship marked by music and prayer. Blues Vespers is a way of combining a time for reflection and prayer with blues music.

Blues music and its cousin, gospel music, often expresses in its words and music human joy, longing, passion and pain. An evening’s music reminds us that God is there for us in all of life, often in the places where we are most human.

Blues, like many other forms of music, can help express what we experience in life. At times music can be prayer. At other times God speaks to us as we listen and are entertained by the music. Musicians often find music a form of spiritual expression.

With all that said, there are times we simply enjoy listening to good music – which in itself is pretty nice and can nourish our souls.

Vespers Format: usually every third Sunday at 5 p.m. but can really be anytime or multiples so please check here often.

Blues Vespers is music, poetry and a brief reflection. All are welcome.

The event is always free. An offering is taken for the musicians or if it is a fundraiser we will take an offering for that cause.

·     Welcome, announcements

·     Band introduction

·     Poem(s), introduce month's theme

·     2-3 songs from the band

·     Poem(s), reflection 

·     2-3 more songs

·     Silent prayer, offering

·     1-2 more songs

·     Blessing

·     Encore

Past Blues Reflection

Excerpts from Pastor Dave's  September 17 reflection...

There was an op-ed piece a few weeks ago in the NY Times. The title was "Cure Yourself of Tree Blindness." It caught my attention but I skipped over it to read columns about more depressing political news. I found plenty...

But for some reason a few days later I went back to that column. The writer was lamenting how modern urban people don't know the first think about the trees around them, including their names. He wrote about a time when such knowledge was a matter of life and death. Now most of us are, to use a term developed by a botanist, tree blind. I count myself in the company of the tree blind and was encouraged when I read a few paragraphs later that it can be cured. Amen!

I have decided to try and cure myself of tree blindness. I am going to learn their names and more about them. Why? Let me read a paragraph from the article.  tree  (the paragraph he read is highlighted)


I see learning the names of the trees as a way of paying attention. Learning to name trees is a way of slowing my life down and paying attention to the created world, the natural world, around me....taking time to read the book of nature feels like a good and needed thing. Slowing down and paying attention to the world we share with all creatures is a way of nourishing the soul, and whose soul doesn't need nourishment?

This fall I am working on my tree blindness not as an escape from the world, but as a way of nurturing the spirit for the work we all have to do as we love our neighbors as ourselves.

And after those sex comments I will never look at a flowering tree the same way...