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901 North J Street Tacoma

909 North J Street (office)


IPC Deacons

One main focus is visitations to those unable to attend services. We bring meals to shut-ins, new baby families, and those who are just home from surgery etc. We supply on request transportation to church or appointments. We bring flowers to shut-ins at Christmas and Easter. We send birthday and get well cards. We supply the birthday cake for the last Sunday of the month coffee hour. Along with Pastor Dave and the families, we plan and serve memorial receptions. We plan and serve three Adult Lunch/Socials per year. Spring, Fall and Christmas. We always need the help of the congregation, especially for homebound meals, luncheons and memorial services.

Deacon chair 2019/2020: Kelsey Wardlow


Deacon Care Information

Deacons are charged with showing compassionate care to our IPC community. This can be hard to do when we don't know how to get hold of you. Situations have arisen where a parishioner has been ill, had a major life event, or stopped showing up for several months and we were unable to help due to lack of information. Our goal is to collect contact information on as many members and friends of Immanuel as possible so that we may better serve your needs. If you are in the hospital or have an accident, we would like to be able to send a card or get in touch to help.  Please help us help you by filling out the attached care form, mailing it to the church or putting it in the offering plate.  Please make sure each of the people you list on the form also have Immanuel's phone number and email so that they can reach us if needed. And let them know you would like the church to know how you are doing. This information will be kept in our locked cabinet in the office. Thank you for your help.  As always, please let the deacons know if there is anything you need.