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Community Circle Inspiration Resource

July 15, 2020

You DO NOT need to use all or any of this. You can pick or choose or use it for inspiration for something else or take it in a completely different direction. Your groups are all meeting in different ways. Some via phone calls or texts, some via email, and some through virtual meetings. So, use this as is helpful. The main goal of these groups is connection and sense of community. If these resources help you have a deeper and more fruitful conversation or sharing – then great. New information will be added by Wednesday.  Pastor Tad Monroe

The 11th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Scriptures: Genesis 28: 10-18 & Romans 8:18-25

Poems: I’m Not a Religious Person But by Chen Chen & Freedom by Langston Hughes


1. Jacob names the place he has his vision “Bethel,” which means “house of God”. He makes it a monument. What are some of the places you have experienced the divine most deeply? What significance does that place now have? Do you return to that place?

2. How does the image of a ladder from heave to earth work for you? Do you think of your spirituality in terms of “ascending and descending”? If so, why and what does that look like?

3. In the Roman’s passage Paul seems to make a distinction between “flesh” & “spirit”. Do you make that distinction? Is it a helpful distinction? What do you consider being of the flesh and of the spirit – how do they differ?

4. Paul also distinguishes having a spirit of slavery and a spirit of adoption? How do you understand this?

5. Is it possible to have hope for what you do not see or experience? Are your hopes grounded in something you can comprehend or have tasted or in something completely beyond your experience and reach?

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July 15, 2020
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