901 North J Street Tacoma

909 North J Street (office)



The Session

Carole Breitenbach - Worship
Sid Lee - Finance

Alan Harvey - Membership
Bryce Carlen - Personnel
Whitney Grisaffi - Congregational Life
Jeanette Lunceford - Adult Nurture

Casey Wenk - Property
Bo Hall - Children, Youth & Families Ministry (CYFM)
Ursula Bannister - Mission & Peacemaking (MaP)

David R. Brown, Pastor and Moderator; Pat Flynn, Clerk of Session.

The Session meets on the third Thursday of the month.

The Board of Deacons


Rick Perkins
Nancy Perkins
Priscilla Taylor


Norine Alvarado
Cindy Caldwell


Diane Edison
Kelsey Wardlow

The Deacons meet on the third Thursday of the month.

Immanuel Foundation Board: 2017/18

Corporate President: Sid Lee

Foundation Chair: Sid Lee

Vice President: Bo Hall

Secretary: Casey Wenk

Session Designate: Carole Breitenbach

Carol Olsen-Dick: Position 1 At-large term 2019

Howard Burd: Position 2 At-large term 2018

Chuck Jensen: Position 3 At-large term 2020

David R. Brown, Ex-Officio,

Ed Raisl, Church Treasurer, Ex-Officio

The Foundation Board meets as needed.

The Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is elected annually:  four members from the congregation-at-large, two elders designated by and from the Session (one of whom is the chair), and one Deacon designated by and from the Board of Deacons. The pastor is an ex-officio member without vote. This committee nominates officers for the above governing bodies.