All Middle School and High School aged youth are invited to join us for our weekly Teen Night every Wednesday from 6-7:30pm. Teen Night is a place where youth can explore and learn about the Christian faith, story, and spirituality. Sometimes this space includes a sermon, a scripture study, a worshipful experience, or an artistic or creative meditation. Regardless of how we are exploring the content, one can expect for it to be interactive, encouraging of questions, affirming to different spiritual beliefs and backgrounds, and always reflecting first and foremost, the radical and inclusive love of God. And of course, one can also expect to have lots of fun!

This fall, starting on Sept 28th, our series will be: Ancient History, Exploring the Bizarre Beginnings. The book of Genesis is an ancient story, the beginning of the Christian story and tradition. But it can be a confusing, weird, and even upsetting story. What is this book all about? What does it mean for our faiths? And what could it possibly mean for us today?

Every 2nd Wednesday of the Month, we join up with other churches in the area for a joint youth group experience! For more information check out our upcoming events.