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Life at Immanuel


We worship in many ways at Immanuel. Our fellowship, work, laughter, study and service are all ways in which we worship God. At the heart of our community is our Sunday morning worship service.

Worship at Immanuel is warm and creative. We employ a wide variety of music including, marimbas, blues harmonica, Rags by Scott Joplin and classical pieces. The choir sings traditional choral pieces, afro-American spirituals and the Celtic influenced work of John Bell. Our commitment to diversity as a congregation is lived out through the diverse musical forms employed in worship.

Through preaching and the order of our service, we seek to balance spirituality and mystery with thoughtful reflection. Sunday worship at Immanuel includes a prayer of confession, a message for children, prayers for the world and our loved ones and a robust passing of the peace, where we celebrate and share the love and peace of God with the people around us. In addition to our Sunday morning service, we take time for worship at Blues Vespers, in our occasional Quiet Vespers service and in special holiday celebrations.

"We affirm the centrality of biblical witness for our faith and life. We understand the Bible to be the product of human encounters with God and Jesus Christ – a sacred text full of spiritual insights into living a God-centered life, one full of God's love."
from the IPC Mission and Values Statement

Immanuel Presbyterian Church
Serving Tacoma since 1888

Sunday worship service at 10:30 a.m.

Infant through preschool care is always available during the service.