Phase Four

Session has approved a special congregational meeting for March 8, 2020.
During worship on March 8 the candidate will preach. A congregational meeting to vote yay or nay on electing the candidate, and accepting their terms of call as our pastor, will be held immediately after
worship in the sanctuary. Rev. Christine Long will moderate. About a week before March 8 the PNC will send a letter of introduction/biography of the candidate to the congregation. Our vote on March 8,  if it is yay, does not mean they will start March 15, but it will begin the process of getting them here in a timely and hospitable manner for all involved.

Phase Three:

The Pastor Nominating Committee has been going through all the applications. They have had many phone interviews. Some have become video interviews. And now beginning in January 2020 there will candidates coming to the area to preach at a neutral pulpit and have face to face conversations with the PNC and COM. If they all agree on a candidate to present to the congregation - we move to Phase Four!

Phase Two:

We begin our search! On August 25, 2019, the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) was elected: Elder - Gerry Andrews, Deacon - Kelsey Wardlow, Congregation-at-Large - Carole Breitenbach, Cindy Caldwell, Scott Larsen, Lynn Raisl and Holly Smith. COM Liaison - Edwina Dorsey

On Calling a Pastor - How Presbyterians Choose a Pastor

Phase One:

IPC Mission Study 2019

Pastor Nominating Committee Information Meeting 2019
(includes PNC Nomination Form)